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Here's What Just A FEW Of Our
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Sitting in Float Tank With Salt

They told me they could get me a whole bunch of customer opportunities to try and spread the word about our new business and I was kind of hesitant at first but I gave it a shot and in just 5 hours we had over 50 client opportunities which we booked several appointments from!

Veronica Carpenter
-True REST, Chico, CA

Maximum Floats has helped elevate our business and reach new customers. Kyle and Maximum Floats are always innovating new ways to connect to spread floating. We have truly valued our partnership with Maximum Floats.

Ryan Duey
-Capitol Floats, Sacramento, CA

Maximum Floats is the digital marketing firm we've been waiting for. This team possesses an intricate knowledge of the floating service, our clients, and our business model. This knowledge informs every implemented strategy and decision that's made, generating positive results in our spas. Together with Maximum Floats, we are able to spread the love of floating like never before by combining the latest digital marketing techniques with a heartfelt passion for this profound therapy.

Amir Adib
-Marketing Manager, True REST

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