Maximum Floats

About the Founders:

Alex Grieco

Alex fell in love with sales in Italy where he learned at a young age that if he wanted something he had to find a way to get it himself. 

From multiple entrepreneurial ventures throughout high-school and college, he finally found a love for helping businesses to make more money by improving their sales.  

He started a digital marketing agency which rapidly scaled to a team of 12 marketers working together to help local business grow. However, he started to realize how much all of this was burning him out. 

Every new business meant a new marketing strategy, it meant unproven results, and it meant a big headache. 

After discovering floating, he began to use it as a tool to de-stress and recover from the everyday grind of being an entrepreneur and building a company. 

Ever since partnering up with Kyle, the two have been focused on helping float centers improve their marketing systems so they can impact more people’s everyday lives.

Kyle Robins

Kyle developed a passion for marketing at just 12 years old (although he didn’t fully understand it at the time). In his very first business he was breeding love birds, however, he realized very quickly that in order to be successful he would have to find people that wanted to buy the baby birds when they were born! 

He placed an ad in the newspaper simply stating “Love Birds for SALE” and within a couple days the phone was ringing off the hook. 

From one advertisement, he created more demand than there were baby birds to sell! 

About a decade later, Kyle helped over a hundred brick-and-mortar businesses get more customers through online marketing with his college friend, Alex Grieco.

One day the two of them stumbled upon this weird thing called a float tank on their Instagram feed. They called the business and had to see what it was all about!

After just two floats, the business partners decided to dedicate their marketing efforts completely into growing the float therapy industry.

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